What are the features of PIX Lawnmaster Belts?


As a lot of lawnmowers come out of hibernation, a lot of home gardeners find their lawnmowers breaking down due to lack of use. J3 Belts & Bearings stock a large range of PIX Lawnmaster Belts that are suitable to get every type and make of Lawnmower back out cutting our gardens again. 

PIX Lawnmaster belts are a high tensile belt that offers good slip and control and noiseless clutch engagement. PIX Lawnmaster Belt are specially developed for lawn mower machines used in garden and parks. 


Main Features of PIX Lawnmaster Belts

  • Extreme High Tensile Strength
  • Non Extensibility 
  • High Resistance to shock loads
  • High Resistance to wear and tear
  • Reduced Slippage while clutching
  • High Resistance to repeated reverse flexing
  • High Resistance to oil, heat and cracking.

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